Monthly Archive: July, 2011

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Finds all the RIP’s for a drug addicted Amy Winehouse and none for the 92 innocent people killed in Norway yesterday rather ironic….. Advertisements

RIP Amy Winehouse

Is it coincidental or just due to plain natural causes? Did she want to join the Club 27? Or did she just die of drug overdose? Sigh. Questions, questions. For all those who… Continue reading

Party Prowess Gone

I came to party rock but ended up party pooping.hahahaha That was the first time that happened to me. All I had was 3 shots of tequilla and after an hour at Sibeeria,… Continue reading

Users and Abusers

I was wrong to say that all men are the same. I stand corrected. Truth is, we fall for the same type of men over and over again. That is why we think… Continue reading

Shut Up!

Don’t piss me off and then tell me to calm down. That’s just like stabbing someone and then asking them not to bleed.

Freaky Friday

I cannot believe I missed out half of my life not watching Supernatural.

Changed 4 Good

Some people have this amazing ability in life, the ability to still care for people they shouldn’t give a damn about, people they have every right to hate because of all the sh*t… Continue reading


Woke up to a shaky morning today. Turns out there was an earthquake. A 6.2 magnitude! Here is what the say in the news so far….. Reportedly, Sinapalay Negros Occidental was hit by… Continue reading

Missing School

law school, i want you back


having the best Supernatural night ever….with the lights on!!