Monthly Archive: September, 2011


Scott Adams wrote, “Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.” will elaborate later………… Advertisements

Viscious Cycle Ends! Hurrah!

As much as it hurts, when a relationship is over, it’s over. Both people need to make a clean break in order to start anew. Sometimes, however, one ex isn’t as ready to… Continue reading

If You See Kay

Keeping my head high, but my middle finger higher! Screw work related issues. Terminate da kung terminate ah.

Home Sweet Home

After a long (when i say long, i mean very very long) hiatus away from home, I am finally back. I didnt realize how much I miss the home cooked meals and the… Continue reading

Friendly Seasons

Funny thing about certain people is when the time you need them the most they are not there when you always got their back. Its like the people you would take a bullet… Continue reading


Do you ever notice that when you are ignoring a phone call, the phone seems to ring longer than usual? I have, especially when it is you know who!!!

Meanie Me

Ever see an ugly woman with 3 or more kids, and wonder to yourself, “Who KEEPS f*cking you?!” Now, that is just mean! But seriously, I am absolutely right, arent I?


“You can’t be ugly and play hard to get. It just doesn’t work that way. You’re already hard to want.” -Peter Griffin


Didn’t wanna be alone tonight. Playing left4dead with megan, em2 and vincent.