Its More Fun In The Philippines

Good bye WOW!  Hello FUN!  My country’s successful tourism campaign is off the charts.  Who would have thought it to be successful.  A great big pat on the back DOT! Everywhere,  I can see slogans of how “Its more fun in the Philippines.” Indeed it is!  I love my country, well save for the political bull sh*t, its super fun!

Seeing all these slogans make me appreciate my homeland more.  Come visit us!! Its more fun in the Philippines!!

I couldn’t help but dive in on the FUN!  I made some slogans myself. Enjoy!

Why beer?  Because Philippines make the best beer in the world!  Especially San Miguel Pale Pilsen!

Jinkee Pacquiao FTW!

Boxing.  Need I say more?

Here are other interesting slogans I have gathered all over the internet.  Have FUN!!!

If you want to join in on the fun, you can check out these links!!

Official Website:

Official Twitter Accounts and Hashtags (Update your Tweetdeck):
#ItsMoreFUNinthePhilippines – Hashtag to promote the FUN in the Philippines to the world.
#1forFUN – Hashtag of our National Tourism Cheer
@DOT Philippines – Official DOT Twitter Account
@MonJQuotes – Official DOT Secretary Twitter Account (insights from the man himself)
@BBDOGuerrero – Official Twitter Account of David Guerrero, the genius behind the campaign.
@ItsMoreFUNinPH – Official Twitter Account of the Campaign.

Official Facebook Page: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Official Font used: Harabara Font

Official Logos:
Download the official It’s More Fun in the Philippines logo.
Download the official battle cry: #1 for FUN logo.

Tutorial: Check out How to make your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Meme