Dexter and The Walking Dead Killed It!!

Literally!!! You all know that I have a voracious appetite for the hack and slash genre. And as a tribute to the two of my favorite shows that, i repeat again, KILLED IT! during their season finale last year I present the reasons why:

Dexter S06E12: This Is The Way The World Ends

It is confirmed that this was not a dream…and the writers are not trying anything out there just going straight and hope for the best. But if the writers read some of the comments they might screw their head back on and have thwarters for season 4 do season 7! Even though I thought season 5 and 6 were one of my top 3 favorite seasons… More people didnt like it and if season 6 was SOOO bad and supposedly Breaking Bad is better then shut up and go watch breaking bad instead of criticizing Dexter!!

The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already

Shit. I have goosebumps infestation every time I play this part. This ending was a masterpiece, they were able to kill someone’s family with ease since they thought of them as “monsters”, yet when it came to having one of their’s as a Walker they couldn’t do it.

OH! I forgot to warn you. SPOILER ALERT!!! Sorry about that. What do you think about the endings?