American Horror Story…..Must Watch!

I’m halfway through season one of this chilling series.  This was not a ‘walking dead surprise”, but it was a good surprise aswell. The house set is very well done and the camera work helps a lot in some great scary parts. American Horror Story is going to show you a different level of horror by not using a pop-up scare with blood and loud music,but a sublime personal horror. The plot is something between insane and twisted…..So far so good !!!!

If you’re watching Glee, this show is the polar opposite.  Kinda surprising that the producers are one and  the same.  American Horror Story has one of the most unsettling openings out of any show ever, up there with Paranoia Agent and Dexter. Except here, even the song is terrifying. Such excellent use of abrasive effects.

What’s funny is that the guys who made the intro to this show made the intros to Se7en and The Walking Dead, that’s why they seem so familiar.