Awesome TV Series in 2012

Not only does 2012 look promising for movies but it definitely looks good on television!  Check out these brand new shows for this year.

1.  Game of Thrones Season 2:  Clash of Kings

This is one bad ass series.  I have read the first book and it was epic.  For those who are weak at heart, you don’t have to watch this.  Causes arm flailing, writhing, and guttural screaming.

2.  The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 8

Feels like a lifetime of waiting! Why did they have to cut the season in half in the first place?

3.  Alcatraz

It looks even cooler than I imagined. J.J. Abrams really has a flawless track record with the shows he had created; I just wish he would stick with something again, like he did in the first few seasons of Felicity and Alias. The episodes bearing his name as writer really are some of the best in tv history. That being said, I’m really eager to see what happens with Sarnoff as boss. She did some great stuff with Lost.

4.  The River

For my love of all things horror, thus I include this.  This show looks like a combination of Lost, Paranormal Activity on a river boat.

Other Series of note:

1.  Person of Interest

AWESOME!! J.J. Abrams & Jonathan Nolan & Michael Emerson & Jim Caviezel…AWESOME!!  Jim Caviezel, really went on the Hollywood blacklist when he did Passion but its good that he is redeeming himself with this series.

2.  Breaking Bad

I know this series has already 4 seasons but the thing is, I got curious as to why they compared it with the Walking Dead series.  So yea, I guess I’ll check this out.