Resident Evil: Retribution Teaser Trailer

Whooooooose excited!!?? I am!!  Or maybe it has a Resident Evil stamp on it that is why I want to watch it?!  The franchise has completely lost the vibe. The games are getting better graphics wise, but story wise they’re terrible. But whatever, to each their own. If you like em, good for you… I wont judge.

Well I saw Rain is back from zzZZzland but where are the zombies?! Didnt see one there.  And where is Wentworth Miller?? The movie is gonna suck without Chris Redfield.  But check this out guys, ADA WONG is in the house! Woooot! She will be played by Li Bingbing, a Chinese hottie.

But on a serious note, this looks confusing. It looks like it takes place over multiple time periods. It’s cool though, from what I see, they really upped the atmospheric scenes and added more monsters. But the last four movies barely held together at all. They never really appropriately use the enemies or characters from the game, they’re arbitrarily thrown in, and out of context.