I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

So……… I’m missing someone..like “what the fuck!?”  Should I go tell him?

Someone once said that emotional pain only lasts for about 17 minutes.  Any time more than that, then its self inflicted.  eek

I don’t believe that.  And even if it is scientifically certified, then I guess I am a sucker for heart attacks for I wallow in very deep emotional and numbing pain. cry

Going back to the question as to whether I should tell the person of interest that I should tell him I miss him or not, the answer is, I will not.

Its safer this way.  It wouldn’t matter anyway.   Things will only worsen.  Fuck!  Why does it have to be like this!? Why bother?  The second I make myself vulnerable to someone, they start drawing blood.  So I think, I am going to like it here.

Here in my little pedestal.   Away from your consciousness.