Bzzzzt Bzzzzt Bzzzzt! Dutdutan 2013

Coming to you live at the Manila World Trade Center: Dutdutan 2013!  The band P.O.D. Om stage!


Ink, art, skin, blood, passion, legacy, music and alcohol all come together on this two day tattoo expo.  Im blogging live on its second day tonight and man, I should admit this girl right here is super stoked!  

For the love of tattoos and music we had to line outside which was snaking about halfway to Mars. Tickets are P400 for a day’s pass and P800 for two. Tonight’s itenirary includes FHM babes, Franco and Kamikaze. Awesome, right?

My friend and I are roaming the stalls, beer in hand, jamming to the music while witnessing bloodied masterpieces coming to life.  Were also looking forward to seeing familliar faces from back home especially our own tattoo artists.  (Yeah, we each have our own inked scars.)

Its wonderful being surrounded by a mass of people who understands and appreciates tattoos like I do.