Dagyaw Sa Kanlaon

hala biskan sa bukid ga pa cute cute!   me, txintian, michelle and becbec a nice pix with the manongs in charged me, txintian, michelle and becbec a nice pix with the manongs… Continue reading

Summer Splash @ Soleo Beach

jhanize,cheryl,txintian,wendy,altea,m harlon,aries and harry sang summer splash me,michelle and txintian sang birthday ni ni richard na adlaw!

Shallow Hearts

Isn’t this world a little too ironic? My heart got broken on the very last day of Summer ’04. Now its broken again on the very first day of ’05’. Ii feel so… Continue reading

Marketing Tribute 05′

tribute officers line up gling wla ko da ya nag puli kag nagpa manicure…..hehehehheesir george, christian, r.j. the v.p.,leonil,johnmark,myra,wendy the pres.,michelle, santiago

I’m In Love! Weee!

weeeeeeeeeim in love!like i always ambut i have never felt like this beforei know there are lots of things to dobut, i dont knowi feel like im walking on cloudsif i had ever… Continue reading

Bummer Summer

oh gaud!i swear i have a tendency to commit suicide this week!it is so freaking shitty!dyou know what are those things that make me contemplate slitting my throat?theyre really simple minute things but… Continue reading


yesterdaywasso shittyit was all fucked up!man……..!


mind if you accompany me here?im soo miserablei have an exam todayin the next 2 hours or lessbut i still havent gotten my permitim am soooo damn miserablesee! i knew this was comingi… Continue reading

Grand Slam Champions!

Collection of data……..haven’t i told you that the CBA is grand slam champion of the Sportsfest? Yes we are….hehehehe Three times in a row! weeeeeeeeeeee…..well bye…. I’ve gotta motor. I’ve got only 5… Continue reading

Same Shit Same Day

well, well, well, well,im here again, bloggingafter like two months without blogging im here againIM HERE AGAINweeeeeeeeeeee!anyway, its the NEW YEAR and im quite feeling so damn good whewww! i dont know where… Continue reading