Monthly Archive: November, 2008

The Hero Dies in This One

I come in here and I sit in silence and hear the echoes of who we used to be, and so I wish for patience, and grace, and the strength to just let… Continue reading

What Is and What Should Never Be

Sometimes you meet certain people, that can touch your soul in certain ways most people can’t. But you have to let them go because you realize that it just isn’t the best time… Continue reading

Life in a Glass House

What do you do ‘when you wake up everything will be better,’ except its not? And there’s no worse feeling than when you wake up and feel okay for a minute. And then… Continue reading

Look At Me

I saw you out last night and you seemed so surprised that I could walk right by and not blink an eye. Look at me. you probably think I’m doing fine. Good thing… Continue reading

Misery Business

Maybe the reason we hate each other is because we can’t face the fact that we are still in love. Maybe.  Just bwisit effing maybe.

Silent Lamb

It’s when I’m sitting inches away from you and not being able to find the words to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you that I want… Continue reading

Please Be My John Cusack…Again

All along there was this voice inside my head telling me to give up, telling me it’s not going to happen but I listened to my heart instead, believing one day, you’d make… Continue reading

Nostalgic, Even When You Are Not Around.

In Greek philosophy, the word “nostalgia” literally means “the pain from an old wound”.  Remember when I said once before that every cigarette I light up brings me the pangs of nostalgia?  Yes,… Continue reading


I think I just broke up with this guy I am in “sort of” a relationship with. Well, technically, its not called a break up cause we aren’t together. You can call me… Continue reading

The Tide That Left and Never Came Back

I am so sorry, but after what happened last night, I dont want to be around anymore.  I dont want to be your fall out girl.  I don’t want to be there or… Continue reading