Monthly Archive: April, 2011

Osama Bin Laden RIP 1979-2011

Busted!!!!!! Cant believe this guy has 20 children. Advertisements

Fireworks. Drake. Alicia Keys.

All in all I got a lesson from it though. You never get to see it just get to see it go. My new favorite song. The music. The lyrics. Got me.

Back Off

I’ve only got one vice. That is… And dancing to it (fueled by alcohol). If you got a problem with it, tell it to my face. Do not assume anything and believe it… Continue reading

All for just 50pesos. More Than Enough Pa Gani Eh

Whaaat a day!!! It feels like I have been everywhere yesterday! After 20 long hours of sleep I woke up about 2am hungry as a panda bear. The awful part was that I… Continue reading

Bye Friendster

When I first heard it, I immediately powered on my laptop and went to Friendster. I’ve been retrieving my albums from Friendster the whole scorching afternoon. Whew! Thank gawd!

Good Enough

Sometimes, all we need to do is to live. Live for the moment. No matter how crazy the things that we are doing, dont care. In the end, when we look back in… Continue reading

The Paraplegic Easter Bunny

Im staying in bed today. I’ll pretend I got no legs. bleh! Happy Easter everyone! Rejoice for the good Lord has risen!

Got Inked

I got me a tattoo, finally!! We started bout 12am till 3am. Whew! The distrust/suspicion of people with visible tattoos seems to be a generational thing: I know lots of people’s parents who… Continue reading

EMancipation. cRashes. cOllisions. iMpacts.

The universe is one big bumper car ride and more often than not, these collisions leave marks that would last us for the rest of our forsaken lives. (I’m not really bitter, just… Continue reading

Same Ol Me

i wanna cry. i wanna cry. why are men all the same? or the better question would be “why do i let men hurt me?” They’re all the same. They’re all the same.… Continue reading