Monthly Archive: June, 2010

Necessity of Direct Proof to Prove Consipiracy

Direct proof is not essential to establish conspiracy as this may be inferred from the acts of the accused before, during and after the commission of the crime which indubitably, point to and… Continue reading

Establishment of Self Defense

In self-defense the burden of proof rests upon the accused. His duty is to establish by sufficient, satisfactory and convincing evidence the following requisites: (a) unlawful aggression on the part of the victim;… Continue reading

Liability of a Mere Lookout on a Commison of a Crime

He is a principal since one who participates in the material execution of the crime by standing guard or lending moral support to the actual perpetrator is criminally responsible to the same extent… Continue reading


Its Official!

I got two weeks to back out….oh Lord, please give me the strength!

For Being Fat: I Thank Myself. (for not being involved in the Bacold Fashion Week)

.  Haaaaay mga miga….more more spyuks ko na batian!