Monthly Archive: January, 2010


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Cadiz Weekend

I chose to disappoint a lot of people today by not going to Cadiz.  My super friends are all there but I just got off from work and have work again at 10:30pm… Continue reading


I just finished watching SAW VI.  The movie still never fails to make me scream…WHAT THE F*CK! every 3 seconds. 

Forgive Me Julie

Remember when I promised you that we were going to watch the movie SAW VI? Im making a very big apology now since I am breaking my promise to you. Its my day… Continue reading


The stork came delivering babies last Saturday! Yay! My friend Jassy gave birth last Saturday to a healthy bouncing baby girl named Jia Anel.  I visited the mommy and baby daughter at their… Continue reading

Loving Hate

So I have been thinking…. He is so careless about others hearts because he doesn’t have one.

Coincidence Much?

Most people probably don’t know about me is that I like my dish hot.  I brought this up because just as I got home and turned on the tv after buying my stash… Continue reading

What I Like About Changing My Number

More time for my self Go without shaving my legs for the longest time and not care I can tie my hair in a bun No more lates and oversleeping in the quite… Continue reading

Made It

So far, I have made it through the whole week without being absent, or worst! being late for 3 hours!  Accck!My supervisor will be so proud of me!  I am even doing three… Continue reading

Sleep Glutton

What the f&*?? Just like Sleeping Beauty.  Only difference is I didn’t have a kiss.  Yesterday, when I told you I was off to dreamland, I was down serious.  I slept 1pm yesterday… Continue reading