Monthly Archive: May, 2008

Die Butterfly Man

slit my throat open rip my guts apart and drag them down an asinine flavored road there you are for me to please mirthless laughter echoes right through my ringing ears mocking stabbing… Continue reading

Butterfly Murders

I’m very sure you’ve read in my poem earlier ago that I’m beginning to like someone.  He gives me butterflies in my stomach like a meadow full of those flutterbys.  I hate this. … Continue reading


so destined was i to walk among the dark now six feet above the grave i once where you unknowingly pulled me out of my mausoleum and shake off the dust the maggots… Continue reading


Well that was interesting last night.  I finally had closure on the thing that I thought was over weeks ago.  The true story finally materialized and I’m glad everything is clarified. This is… Continue reading

The Beggar and the Diamond: a Stephen King retelling.

One day Ramu is walking along thinking about his unhappy existence and feeling angry at God. God, at the request of an archangel who felt pity for the beggar, drops a massive diamond… Continue reading

I’m Going To Make Damn Sure

I’m going to bring you down so badly…in the worst way. I’ll make very damn sure of that. That was just a taste of what’s to come.

Three things a girl needs in life.

Love to make her weak. Alchohol to make her strong. Bestfriends when both things make her hit the floor.

Courage under fire. or is it?

Forced to the wall, the crosshairs shift from this tied down burden: Courage. What did you expect? A nightmare of reason and faith alike. Because you take shots, my back’s turned, you’re gutless.… Continue reading

Please Don’t Take Away the Puppies

The neighbors came to take away one of the puppies this morning. I was lazily lounging in my bed when i overheard my grandma talking to them. I wasnt able to do anything… Continue reading

Walk a day in my shoes, then you can judge me.

Its alright for people to get me wrong.  What you see is what you don’t get with me.  Let me list down discrepancies that people would tend to judge me for when actually… Continue reading