What A Shane! The Walking Dead S02E11: Better Angels

And another one bites the dust!  Booooam!  Another Monday, another flabbergasting shocker on the latest Walking Dead episode: Better Angels. This penultimate episode sure got me jolting on my bed!! But I was never prepared for this!

So stop reading right now if you have yet to watch today’s episode of the zombie drama. [SPOILER ALERT! Seriously, stop reading now if you have not already watched Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.]

When you consider how the character fared in the comic book on which the show is based, Jon Bernthall actually had a pretty nice run as Shane Walsh.  Shot to death by young Carl in issue #6 of the comic, Shane made it all the way to episode 18 of The Walking Dead series…only to again be shot by Carl.  However, this time it was after Rick had already stabbed him to death and he had reincarnated as a zombie. (Yep, turns out that — like in the comic — you don’t have to get bitten to turn into a walker. Bummer!)

p.s. haven’t read the comic version yet but that is how Shane’s demise is going to be.