Teh Anu? Namian Ko Ya Sang: 20 Reasons Why I Dislike The Philippines

Newsflash idiots: truth hurts.  If you can’t handle it then you can condemn this video all you want and just wallow comfortably in your narrow minded nutshells. My gaaaaahhhd! This guy also made a video entitled “20 reasons why I love the Philippines”, which means he doesn’t hate our country! SO STOP BITCHING!

The video is not insulting.  Actually it serves as a wake up call for us Filipinos to stand up to the challenge and change the mindset and negative culture of our nation.  The slogan “It’s More FUN In The Philippines” will only go to waste if we don’t show them that we as a Nation are better than what they perceive us to be.  So people lets clean up this shit and to those pea brains who are against this video better widen your horizon and think again.  Don’t hate this video but rather learn from it!!

Instead of getting all butthurt when someone comes around and points out the painfully obvious flaws all around us, how about getting constructive, addressing the issues raised, and not only make this country a better place but also show this dude whats up in the process?

For one thing, he only has 20 reasons why he abhors the country.  Who knows, maybe he has a thousand and one amazing reasons for staying 3 and a half years long.

I’ve lived in the Philippines my entire life, and I find this video funny. I mean, it’s true. You’d be pissed off at the things you see here everyday. The country is so dysfunctional, you just have to learn to live with it. There are some things I’d like to defend just for the sake of it tho. 1) There are “security guards” everywhere because of the high crime rate; places that do usually don’t get robbed. Basically their presence is enough to ward robbers away, so they’re not (completely) useless. 2) Most CRs here suck, that’s why most people avoid them. But I don’t think 99% of ’em are that gross. If you go to a decent enough facility, I’m sure you’d find a comfortable comfort room. Tho I doubt they’d have any toilet paper. 3.) The obsession with whiter skin is present in most Asian/ tropical countries. It goes way back the Spanish Period, too. Paler skin meant that you weren’t a laborer or worked in the fields, thus having a higher status in society. I guess it just slowly turned into another beauty standard for the superficial. And lastly, 4.) If the beer’s warm, just go ask for a glass and a bucket of ice. Places that serve ice cold beer in bottles are usually on the high-end.

And if you bigots are still myopically biased about the video after reading this post, then I thought you should know that there is a second video that is entitled: 20 Reasons I Love _____. (the Philippines).  And there is another video directed by the same person called: Hip Hop World Wide: Episode 1 Visayas, Philippines.